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A professional account is a basic account for using YPAM. It can be created by anyone who is involved in the performing arts in any way. There is no fee to create an account.

Once you create a Professional Account, My Page will be opened. To participate in each year's YPAM as a professional, you will need to register (paid) through My Page. Please check how to participate in YPAM and the program and register for YPAM2022.

*If you are interested in registering performances for YPAM Fringe 2022, please read the application guidelines, create a professional account, and register your participation and performances from My Page.

*If we cannot find any relevance to the performing arts in your registration, we may decline to create an account for you.

*To create an account, you need to receive an auto-reply e-mail from YPAM. If you are using a spam filter, please add emails from the "" domain.

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